Where to Buy Arduino?

Well , If you have made your mind to Buy Arduino . Your next step would be to get it at a low Price. I Have sorted out a List of Few, from where you can order you Lovely Arduino Board.

Store / Price

  • Flipkart: $8.15
  • Snapdeal: $7.6
  • Sparkfun: $24.95
  • Ebay: $3.61
  • AliExpress: $5.06
  • Amazon.in: ₹ 465
  • Amazon.com: $ 21.95

As you can See above there are various Websites for Buying Arduino but strongly recommend buying it from Amazon.com which sells it at a very cheap price.

If you see the websites offering Kit for it , then you must know that Kits are always expensive. If you buy those materials separately then, they would save a lot for buying Sensors for you project.

One should prefer Kits when he lives in the area where Sensors or other kinds of things are not available to ensure that he may not have to keep on ordering things frequently which would waste one’s time and money.